Product care

Leather care and maintenance recommendations:
  • Leather is a natural product, its marks and irregularities are characteristics of this type of materials and prove its noble origin.
  • Use specialized leather creams and apply them with a soft cloth.
  • If discoloration occurs, use cream of the same tone as the leather.
  • Avoid collisions, friction and friction with surfaces that could break or deteriorate the product materials.
  • Avoid contact with inks, oils, carbon paper and cosmetics that can cause irreversible damage.
  • Do not use a washing machine and/or dryer to clean the products.
  • Do not clean or wash with chemicals, abrasives, detergents, soaps, bleaches or solvents.
  • Leather products are not waterproof and should not get wet.
  • If the product gets wet, let it dry at room temperature in the shade, never dry in the sun or at high temperatures. Please note that water may have damaged internal and external parts of the products which may alter their color, shape or hardness.